timeout on large file sets

Phil Glatz phil at glatz.com
Wed Nov 13 19:39:00 EST 2002

I'm getting "unexpected EOF in read_timeout" when dealing with large 
collections of files.

The root path is /files, which has 1.4GB of data in 483260 files in 5328 

I tried setting "--timeout=600" as a test, but it is still timing out after 
about 30 seconds.  Shouldn't this do it?  Or am I possibly having network 
connectivity issues that may be causing the timeout?  (as far as I know my 
connection is ok).

One of them (/files/logs) contains about quarter of the data, so I broke it 
out as a separate setup, and it transfers fine.  I haven't found a great 
deal of documentation on exclusion rules, so I set up a separate section in 
rsyncd.conf, with the path=/files/logs

I then tried to sync the rest of the data, with the rsyncd.conf path set to 
/files, and the rsync command line options including --exclude logs/

A test on a smaller file set indicated that even though I'm excluding 
logs/, the files in it are getting counted in the "total number of files" 
at the ending summary.

I would appreciate any suggestions on exclusion rules or other techniques 
to deal with large data sets.

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