Numeric ids

Leaw, Chern Jian chern.jian.leaw at
Mon May 20 04:53:22 EST 2002


I had read from the rsync man page on transferring files using the user's
numeric id and gid. I have a user which resides on 2 remote sites, having
the same user names, but different uid and gid on both sites. I'm
transferring the files as a root user.
    		site A			site B	
		usr_A			usr_A
		uid  = 100		uid = 200

However from the diagram above, I would like transfer file1 from site A to
site B to usr_A, and file1 does not exists for usr_A in site B.  However,
when copying file1 from A to B, I would like to have usr_A's numeric id in
site A to be copied to usr_A's numeric id in site B. I've tried using the
following options, but it did preserve usr_A's uid when file1 reaches site
	rsync -avzo --numeric-ids siteA:/tmp/file1 siteB:/tmp

Is there a way which I can preserve the uid of file1 when it's been
transferred to site B, hence automatically updating usr_A's uid in site B to


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