Does any rsync-based diff, rmdup, cvs software exist?

Kevin Easton s3159795 at
Sat May 18 20:34:02 EST 2002

> > I'd like to be able to run GNU-diff type comparisons,
> > but use R-sync technology to make it efficient to see what's
> > different without transmitting all that data.
> Rsync is great at synchronizing data between a source and destination.
> For diff-like comparisons, perhaps something like CVS might be more
> apropriate.

I think Bernard's idea was to speed up diffs between a local file and a
remote file, by using rsync to efficiently transfer the remote file to the 
local machine before performing the diff.  Since rsync already builds the 
new version of a file under a temporary name, before moving it into 
place over the old file when the transfer is complete, I believe that this 
would essentially mean replacing the move with a call to diff, followed
by deletion of the temporary file.

    - Kevin.

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