Incremental backups and batch mode.

Diego Liziero D.Liziero at
Sun Mar 31 03:32:42 EST 2002

>Ah... now I see.  Unfortunately, this one's over my head.  Can anyone else
>help here?  Can rsync deal explicitly with parts of files?

The rsync program can deal with delta files, but just in the batch mode,
unfortunately it is not exactly what I need.

The rsync algorithm instead is exaclty what I need for that.

Without the batch mode in rsync program I think I would have started writing
a new software from the beginning.

What I asked in my first posting was if it is worth to go on modifying
rsync so that batch mode become useful also for the kind of things I need,
or if instead I should start writing something new.

Any developer here?

Diego Liziero

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