File Owner, Group and Permissions for Win2000

Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Sun Mar 31 03:10:16 EST 2002

Roger Hales wrote:
> I need to mirror some Linux directories on a Win2000 box but the
> owner, group  and permissions are lost.  I realize Win2000 does not
> use the same system but thought there may be some way around it with
> cygwin.  Is it possible to mimick /etc/passwd to preserve ownership
> etc?  Is there a better solution?

I don't know of a good general purpose solution, or whether you can do
something with /etc/passwd.  

If all the files have the same owner, group, and permissions, I believe
you can set parameters in fstab so that when the Win2000 partition is
mounted on the Linux box, it has those permissions.

Maybe there are other possibilities?

Randy Kramer

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