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This might go along with Tim Conway's suggestion B. I didn't have
exactly the same situation, but I did experience rsync not working when
trying to rsync between two Linux hosts from one host running the rsync
daemon. I had to add an entry in the /etc/hosts file of the remote
server (the one running the daemon) for the host executing the rsync
command. This made it function properly.

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> A:  do you have a "hosts allow" or "hosts deny" in rsyncd.conf?
> B: what version are you using?  It seems i've seen messages about
> in some versions refusing to allow unresolvable names in.
> C: Are you able to access the rsyncd, and just wonder about the log
> entries, or are you unable to get in?  If it's just a log complaint, I
> wouldn't worry about it.  Most of the time there's no name resolution
> dialup lines.
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> Hi,
>                  I am using rsync between two pc's. when i am rsync
> throught the
> ethernet their is no problem. But between the same pc if i am doing a
> rsync with a dialup line, i am getting an error
> error message in /var/log/rsync.log is
>                   reverse name lookup failed
>                   forward name lookup failed
> Can anybody tell why the problem is coming

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