fixes for bugs in error handling in rsync-2.5.2; and updates for rsync3.txt

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Mar 27 15:39:32 EST 2002

On 26 Mar 2002, "Greg A. Woods" <woods at> wrote:

> > I want to get a stable 2.5 out to give people some relief for the
> > recent burst of fixes, and I think in this case it's probably better
> > to live with the devil we know.
> Well, I don't know about that -- the main reason for my fix is that
> 2.5.2 broke quite a number of scripts that could no longer discern the
> reason for many types of failuers!

I had a look at this again today and it looks OK.

Do you have a reproducible case similar to the bug you experienced?

Committed to 2.5.


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