Wierd timestamp problem with VMS

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Mar 27 10:37:18 EST 2002

On 26 Mar 2002, Paul LaMadeleine <plamadeleine at lightbridge.com> wrote:

>         I think I can get away with specifing the "--checksum" flag, but 
> I'm just not sure.

Yes, I think that is the best solution.  It will of course be pretty
slow since rsync will have to read every file on the filesystem every
time, but without accurate mtimes I don't see at the moment what else
it could do.

If the problem only occurs in particular directories accessed by the
VMS machines then perhaps you can copy them using --checksum and leave
it off for the rest of the filesystem.
Perhaps you can hack something up involving your NFS server writing a
log of modified files, and then use that as a cue to rsync.

I think you will find using an rsyncd rather than copying between two
NFS filesystems should be much faster.

>$WORKPATH/bin/rsync.7   --recursive             \
>                        --verbose               \
>                        --stats                 \
>                        --delete                \
>                        --one-file-system       \
>                        --times                 \
>                        --group                 \
>                        --owner                 \
>                        --perms                 \
>                        --archive               \
>                        --checksum              \
>                        --whole-file            \
>                        --bwlimit=10240         \
>                        --timeout=600           \
>                        --exclude-from=$EXCLUDE \
>                        $FROMDIR $TODIR >> $OUTLOG 2>&1

You can leave off --recursive --group --owner --perms because they're
implied by --archive, and --whole-file because it's implied by both
directories being local (including NFS).


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