Wierd timestamp problem

Paul LaMadeleine plamadeleine at lightbridge.com
Wed Mar 27 06:27:00 EST 2002


         We found out today that rsync has been missing some files.  Here 
is the senerio:

         We have two nfs servers in different datacenters, one being the 
backup to the other.  We want to keep them up to date so we use rsync 
inside crontabs.  We have Solaris, AIX, True64 and VMS systems reading and 
writing to the nfs drives.  I am running rsync on Solaris 8 servers.  What 
seems to happen is when a file gets updated in a certain way on a VMS 
system, it does not change the modification time of the file on the unix 
servers.  This seems to be a bug in multinet and vms file 
versioning.  Anyway, we need a work around quickly and we don't think we'll 
see one out of Compaq or Multinet any time soon.

         I think I can get away with specifing the "--checksum" flag, but 
I'm just not sure.

         Also, right now we are doing this copy a very bad way and plan on 
changing it to a daemon solution shortly.  We mount both data centers nfs 
on one server and rsync the dirs.  Here is the code segement that we are using:

>$WORKPATH/bin/rsync.7   --recursive             \
>                         --verbose               \
>                         --stats                 \
>                         --delete                \
>                         --one-file-system       \
>                         --times                 \
>                         --group                 \
>                         --owner                 \
>                         --perms                 \
>                         --archive               \
>                         --checksum              \
>                         --whole-file            \
>                         --bwlimit=10240         \
>                         --timeout=600           \
>                         --exclude-from=$EXCLUDE \
>                         $FROMDIR $TODIR >> $OUTLOG 2>&1

         Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be most apreciated.



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