[PATCH] --link-dest option

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Fri Mar 22 14:44:34 EST 2002

On 21 Mar 2002, jw schultz <jw at pegasys.ws> wrote:
> Please CC me.  I'm not subscribed.
> Attached is a patch against 2.5.4pre1 CVS current to add the
> --link-dest option so rsync will create hardlinks for
> unchanged regular files to a directory on the destination.
> This is like --compare-dest except that the result is not a
> sparse tree.

That's really good, thankyou.

I think we should merge this, but not right now because we need
to stabilize 2.5.  I will put it in the patches/ directory.

> Also included is extension to --(ex|in)clude-from to allow -
> for stdin.

It's somewhat better if you send each patch in a separate email,
in case people want to merge one but not the other.  Of course
in this case it's pretty trivial to split them, and I don't 
see any reason not to take both.

If you have time, it would be really excellent if you could 
write a test case for the new features, based on the existing
ones in testsuite/


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