rsync 2.5.4 on win2k machine

Lapo Luchini lapo at
Thu Mar 21 19:50:23 EST 2002

> D:\tmp>rsync -rcv *.bat \\bitserver\tmp

First of all you should use unix-like paths and, to my knowledge, you can't use UNC
paths... isn't you command line creating a directory /bitserver/tmp (or maybe
/bitserver<tab>mp) in the posix root (c:\cygwin, probably)?

> building file list ... done
> [...]test.bat
> read error: Connection reset by peer
> =====================================================
> i am getting "read error: Connection reset by peer"

What version are you using 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 had such problems, but 2.5.4 is *much*

> is there any rsync setup required to make it work ?
> is it supposed to work with command prompt Or with ONLY cygwin ?

It can work with command prompt of course, but you must use posix paths
nonetheless. you can use cygpath to convert them if you want

> I checked "/usr/doc/Cygwin" rsync README file but it just tells me about
> compiling.
> i tried to compile even the latest rsync 2.5.4 source,  but got following
> error:

That's strange: 2.5.4 (as previous version) compiles out of the box with no
particular library it doesn't already contains in its subdir.

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