rsync 2.5.4 on win2k machine

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What commandline are you giving it?  It should already be set up with 
cygwin.  Do you mean as a rsyncd?  Access to other hosts?  What are you 
attempting to do with it?

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I installed cygwin, and it had rsync packaged with it.'
I tried win95 setup given on rsync ftp site, but it did not work on win2k.

do you know, what are the additional steps required for rsync setup on 

thanks ..
Raviraj Murdeshwar
Siebel Systems, Inc.

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On Tuesday 19 Mar 02, Raviraj Murdeshwar writes:
> Hi,
> i have downloaded rsync 2.5.4 source and was trying to compile it on 
> machine.
> is it supported on win2k machine ?

It requires Cygwin, which you can get from <>.
Moreover, you can install rsync directly using the Cygwin Setup
program.  Neat!


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