map_ptr warning

Jennifer Lu mou at goodluck.Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Mar 21 05:29:11 EST 2002


I compiled 2.5.3 rsync and used rsync between Solaris5.5.1 to Solaris5.8
without any error last week, then, we ran rsync on another two 
Solaris5.5.1 and Solaris5.8 machines, got errors:

gopher# nohup timex rsync -avSHc --delete /export/mdisk14/cafe-regres/ 
building file list ... ERROR: out of memory in map_ptr
rsync error: error allocating core memory buffers (code 22) at util.c(232)

real    22:07.59
user     9:58.00
sys      1:04.69

Can you please help? I just upgraded rsync from 2.5.2 to 2.5.3, do 
I need to upgrade it again? Thanks for any help.


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