Excludes not working

Mike Rubel mrubel at galcit.caltech.edu
Wed Mar 20 06:10:32 EST 2002

Bart Brashers wrote:
> ... I mount them using samba (to avoid having to install the
> cygwin version on each box) then run (using rsync 2.5.2 run from crontab)
>  rsync -vuaz --delete-excluded --exclude-from=/root/bin/rsync.exclude \
>    --modify-window=2 /mnt/pc/machine/share /backup/machine/share
> It works like a charm, except for some excludes that won't work -- rsync
> still copies the files.  Here's my exclude file:

>  /mnt/pc/machine/D/Music

Hi Bart,
I'm not an expert with rsync, so someone please correct me if I've got
this wrong, but I think the way to exclude /mnt/pc/machine/D/Music would
be like this:


Otherwise it's looking to exclude:


which of course doesn't exist.


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