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Brashers, Bart -- MFG, Inc. Bart.Brashers at mfgenv.com
Wed Mar 20 04:51:18 EST 2002


I'm a relative newbie to rsync, I use it to backup (mirror) a bunch of
Windows boxes.  I mount them using samba (to avoid having to install the
cygwin version on each box) then run (using rsync 2.5.2 run from crontab)

 rsync -vuaz --delete-excluded --exclude-from=/root/bin/rsync.exclude \
   --modify-window=2 /mnt/pc/machine/share /backup/machine/share

It works like a charm, except for some excludes that won't work -- rsync
still copies the files.  Here's my exclude file:

 [~/bin]% ls rsync.exclude
 -rw-r--r--    1 root     root          154 Mar  1 09:34 rsync.exclude
 [~/bin]% cat rsync.exclude
 System Volume Information/
 Program Files/
 Temporary Internet Files/

It's the first line that doesn't work.  I've tried all possible combinations
of leading and trailing slashes, stars, etc, found in the man page:


The rest (even those with dreaded spaces in the names) work.  But it still
keeps copying and updating this guy's music files (lots of WAVs). 

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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