transferring individual files question, pull vs. push

Jeff Field jfield at
Wed Mar 20 05:55:39 EST 2002

Can't seem to find the answer anywhere...

I'm currently using an rsync script on the source box to transfer some
individual files to the destination box...all works well.  The script:

rsync -e ssh \
/var/qmail/control/file1 \
/var/qmail/control/file2 \
/var/qmail/control/file3 \
/var/qmail/control/file4 \

Now, instead of "pushing" the files from the source box to the destination
box, I'd like to run a script on the destination box to "pull" the files
over from the source box.  So far, I can get one file to come over by doing:

rsync -e ssh

however, I can't get *all* the individual files to come over with one
command, as I can with the first script.  I've tried to basically reverse
the first script (and a few variations), like:

rsync -e ssh \ \ \ \

but I just can't get it to work nor can I find any good documentation for
what I want to do.  Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks in advance!



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