include exclude help please.

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Wed Mar 20 04:19:33 EST 2002

Joe:  relative to /film, there is no film/,, so to get things starting at 
jonah under /film, you name it as '/jonah', like so:
rsync -avv --include "/jonah/**/sourceimages/*.tif" --exclude "*" /film 

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camping out overnight to get tickets to "Johah".

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  I know this is a big topic on the list, please forgive me.

rsync -avv --include "/film/jonah/**/sourceimages/*.tif" --exclude "*" 
/film /tmp

i'm trying to copy all *.tif 's that are in a  */sourceimages/ directory
and that are only under /film/jonah.

i would like to copy the directory tree and tif files to /tmp

i was able to copy ever tif with:

rsync -a --include "*/" --include "*.tif" --exclude "*" /film/ /tmp/film

but i would really like to narrow it down to just
the tif files in any sourceimages directory.

any help wold be appreciated.


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