Mirroring two systems

Freerk J. Bosscha f.j.bosscha at nhl.nl
Tue Mar 19 18:54:44 EST 2002

Thanks for reading this question,

First off all, i'm  quit new working with rsync.

What I want is to exactly mirror a directory from one 
system to another system including removing non existing 
files on the targen if they do not exist on the source.

I though that adding the parameter --delete, would do the 
job, but nothing happens.

The exact command I give is:

/usr/local1/bin/rsync --compress --recursive --times --perms
--delete /var/imap/user/$first/$1.* mailbackup:mbox/$first/

What am I doing wrong,

Freerk J. Bosscha

Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden
Tesselschadestraat 12
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The Netherlands

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