Suspicious sizes by different C compilers

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Mar 19 13:29:45 EST 2002

On 19 Mar 2002, Zoong Pham <dpham at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> On my Alpha box running Tru64 5.1, rsync-2.5.4 compiled by GNU gcc
> 3.0.1 anh GNU make 3.79.1 has this size: 4562848.
> The same version of rsync compiled by Compaq C compiler V6.3-028 and
> Compaq make has this size: 655424.
> It is about _7 times_ smaller!

On gcc, rsync builds by default with debug symbols included.  If you
strip both executables, they should end up about the same size.

> Is there any comprehensive test suite so I can test the rsync to
> make sure it works before installing into a production server?

There is "make check", but it is not yet as comprehensive as it should
be.  If you'd like to contribute additional test cases that would be


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