rsync 2.5.4 -v output (minor knit)

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri Mar 15 08:51:59 EST 2002

On 14 Mar 2002, Dave Dykstra <dwd at> wrote:

> I have not seen this, and I would appreciate a simple set of steps to
> reproduce it.  I touched that code recently so I guess I should fix it.
> I tried
>     rsync -av 'host:`echo dir1/*`' dir2
> and that didn't do it.

Since we seem to have agreed that the -v output should stay exactly as
it is to support scripts, I'd like to have a regression test which
checks that: copy a few files using -v, and diff the output.

If we have stronger tests, then we can be more confident in making
performance or functionality improvements without breaking existing

(I'm sure this is preaching to the choir for most of you.)


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