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Charles Mount cmount at
Thu Mar 14 08:50:06 EST 2002

I am using rsync-2.5.2.Solaris251.sparc from your site to synchronize from
an old  Solaris2.5.1 server in Nashville to a new Solaris8 server in
Raleigh.   I will air express tapes and use rsync to update.  I am dealing
with several hundred thousand files and a couple hundred gigabytes of data.
I use "rsync -avx --delete -e ssh old:/foo/bar/ /foo/bar >>2
/var/log/rsynclog" run as a cronjob on the new computer.
Most of the files are transferred correctly.
With a few files I get the file name followed the two copies of the line:
"Warning: unexpected read size of 0 in map_ptr"  in the log file.
In at least most cases, the next pass gives the same message on the same
file.  The file size is sometimes larger on the target and may grow on
additional passes.  If I delete the file on the target the next pass will
normally work correctly.  I see no pattern of where the problem will strike.
In some cases, the problem files are plain text with simple path and file
Any ideas?

Charles Mount

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