Solaris, socketpair and chroot

Thomas Quinot thomas at
Mon Mar 4 05:26:14 EST 2002

Le 2002-02-27, Dave Dykstra écrivait :

> That wouldn't be very friendly to have to do for every module listed in
> rsyncd.conf.

Yep, hence my report :)

> It would be interesting to do for a test though just to make
> sure that this is really the problem.  I'm surprised that no-one else would
> have reported this before.  Surely it can't be needed on all versions of
> Solaris.

I can confirm that, on a system that exhibits the problem, just
doing a mknod for /dev/ticotsord in the chroot'd volume resolves it.


    Thomas.Quinot at Cuivre.FR.EU.ORG

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