Largest file system being synced

Granzow, Doug (NCI) granzowd at
Thu Jun 27 11:22:05 EST 2002

We're planning to move to Veritas Volume Replicator.  It has the advantage
of working at the filesystem level, so whenever a write is done on the
primary site, the same write is automatically done on the mirror site.  For
what I am doing here, it should (hopefully!) work a lot better than rsync
because it runs continuously, and it doesn't have the startup overhead of
building a file list, which is the biggest problem with rsync when you are
dealing with large groups of files.

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> What are you moving to?
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> I am currently syncing 1.3 terabytes of files using rsync.  
> This is spread
> across about 12 filesystems all on the same server.  
> Unfortunately we are
> planning to move away from rsync because it is taking too 
> long to run and it
> takes up too much memory (some of the rsync processes take up 
> 1.5 GB of RAM
> -- if we get two of those running at once, the server dies).  
> We have been
> very happy with rsync but it has recently reached a critical 
> mass where it
> can no longer handle the number of files we are trying to 
> sync in a timely
> manner.   But if you are looking for the largest rsync site, 
> we might be a
> contender. :)
> FYI, we also use (and plan to continue to use) rsync for 
> several smaller
> mirroring operations.
> > I'm interested in large file system replication capability of 
> > rsync. Could
> > some of you people who use it share how large their mirroring 
> > is? What would
> > you say is the largest sized site being mirrored using rsync?
> > 
> > Thanks!
> > 
> > JP

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