Largest file system being synced

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What are you moving to?

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I am currently syncing 1.3 terabytes of files using rsync.  This is spread
across about 12 filesystems all on the same server.  Unfortunately we are
planning to move away from rsync because it is taking too long to run and it
takes up too much memory (some of the rsync processes take up 1.5 GB of RAM
-- if we get two of those running at once, the server dies).  We have been
very happy with rsync but it has recently reached a critical mass where it
can no longer handle the number of files we are trying to sync in a timely
manner.   But if you are looking for the largest rsync site, we might be a
contender. :)

FYI, we also use (and plan to continue to use) rsync for several smaller
mirroring operations.

> I'm interested in large file system replication capability of 
> rsync. Could
> some of you people who use it share how large their mirroring 
> is? What would
> you say is the largest sized site being mirrored using rsync?
> Thanks!
> JP

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