rsync finishes but incomplete

J. Davis jake at
Tue Jun 25 06:05:01 EST 2002


I have a remote win2k machine and local NT4 machine running rsync over ssh, by way of cygwin.
I have a cron script that grabs a directory from remote and puts it on
local. It' very simple


echo "-------------------------------------" >> /home/rsync/job.log
echo "Running rsync job" >> /home/rsync/job.log
gnudate >> /home/rsync/job.log
rsync -az --stats -e ssh --exclude "WIN386.SWP" --exclude "Cache/" --exclude "*.AVB" --exclude "APPS/" --exclude "virus update/" rsync at x.x.x.x:/cygdrive/e/data /cygdrive/g/901/>>/home/rsync/job.log
echo "Done!" >> /home/rsync/job.log
gnudate >> /home/rsync/job.log
echo "-------------------------------------" >> /home/rsync/job.log

It used to always hang but then I removed the -v option after reading
about that in the archives.
So according to my job.log the job finishes, however, it's apparent that
it has left a great many files on the remote system uncopied. Files that don't
match my --exclude args.
I'm at a loss for how to trouble shoot this one.


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