avoiding temporary files (Re: about rsync)

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Mon Jun 24 12:14:01 EST 2002

On 22 Jun 2002, macgiver <macgiver at unixpert.be> wrote:
> hi
> i love rsync, but i want to know how it is possible to let rsync 
> download a file with the same filename, and not a temp filename like: 
> package.tar.gz.hzmkjz5 or so...
> i don 't want to use temp filenames when downloading with rsync. Why? 
> Because i'm writing a program with a progress bar and it sucks with the 
> temp filename.

That feature is quite tightly tied in to the design of rsync.  We need
to use a temporary filename because rsync needs access to the old file
to do delta encoding, and in any case many people want the file
atomically replaced when it's complete.

> what do you suggest me? :(

Run with --progress and read stdout, or just look for
.package.tar.gz.* and see how big it is.  The name is unpredictable,
but there will be only one.  You could even set the temporary
directory to make it more predictable.

Oh, and please use the list so that other people can make suggestions.

> greetings!
> macgiver
> macgiver at unixpert.be

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