user mapping

Tom Worley raq at
Fri Jun 21 01:48:01 EST 2002

I was wondering if it would be possible to keep a user/uid <-> file map so 
that root access wouldn't be necessary to store the files and retrieve them 
with the correct original usernames (or uids), specifying a filename on the 
command line as something like .rsyncuidmap.
Or even a file system stored in a file that could be "mounted" by rsync and 
written any uid/gid etc that is needed without requiring root access, as it 
would just be writing to a file owned by the user.
Seems somewhat more secure than the way I'm trying to do it now (setuid root 
rsync through a ssh session in a chroot jail set noexec where files can be 
written), and also somewhat easier to setup (maybe not to program though).
Might there be another way to do the mounting so that the user the mounted 
file(system) would be able to change the u/gid in the files?
Just a thought...
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