rsync: error writing NNNN unbuffered bytes - exiting:Connection reset by peer

Bill Geddes bill_geddes at
Thu Jun 13 08:44:02 EST 2002

Has anyone figured out what is happening with this error?  There are
many reports of this, but the advise seems to fall short - ie. make sure
you are using rsync 2.5.n, make sure the target disk is not full.

I have used rsync 2.5.[1,2,4,5] on my rsync server, and I get the same
results.  The target disk I am working with never gets more than 2% full
when the rsync client and server quit talking to each other.  I'm using
a 2.4.18 Linux kernel(both), ext2 filesystems (both).  Networking is
100Mbit, each NIC card is Realtec 8139too driver compatible.

I've tried adding the '--bwlimit=NNNN' and '--blocking-io' options when
invoking the client rsync, but neither affects the result.

Suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

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