Rsync locking up. HP/UX 11.0

Aharon aharon at
Thu Jun 13 07:32:01 EST 2002

First, thanks for reading this long winded message.  I have tried 
searching everywhere, and reading everything I could possibly find before 
posting this message... lol

I am writing Disaster Recovery software for the company I work for.  I 
have an HP/UX 11.0 server (N Class) dedicated to doing DR related work.  
Basically, I sync up a 3rd set of mirrors to our live data, split it off, 
and use this stale mounted mirror to sync with a disaster server in a 
another state.  I find the changed files on this new mirror, and send them 
to the out of state server.  It's pretty strait forward, and already 
working.  I would just like to impliment rsync instead of my current 
method of finding changed files and sending them.

The amount of data rsync has to search through to find changed files is 
about 120gig.  My pipe to the out of state server is 6 T1's (partial T3).. 
Anyway, not all of the 120gig gp over every time, its usually around 
5-10gig worth of changes per mirror split.

My Problems:

1)  rsync sits forever (2-10 minutes) processing a large file before it 
even starts to send it or the changes.  A large file can be anywhere from 
1-6 gigabytes.  And yes, 64 bit file support seems to be working fine.
2)  When transferring files >2 gigabytes rsync will occasionally hang at 
random points in the file.  And never return from the hang to produce an 
error.  Though some files >2 gigabytes work fine.

My systems:
*)  local and remote servers are 8-way N4000 (440mhz) fibre attached to 
EMC symmetrix arrays.
*)  HP/UX 11.0 , rsync 2.5.5
*)  I am not using ssh and rsync.  From what I read in the archives this 
has caused problems in the past w/hpux.
*)  my command line:  rsync -azvv --progress <directory>/<files> 

Is there anything I can do to keep rsync from locking up?  And to get it 
to process the files faster?

Thanks for your help,

Sr Unix Administrator
Tampa, Florida


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