problem and a question

Simison, Matthew matts at
Tue Jun 11 15:06:23 EST 2002

I am running a simple command, no firewall dropping, going to unix rsync
server 2.3.1 from a win2k machine. and I am getting this error. note:(this
used to work before I upgraded my win machine from NT4 to win2k.

C:\DATA\RSYNC>c:\winnt\rsync -a -v c:\rsync\test-rsync
user at
> c:Connection refused
rsh: can't establish connection
unexpected EOF in read_timeout

I am a unix guy, and this works from all the unix servers no problem. But
the win2k is not happening.

So do I need to upgrade to a different rsync.exe for win2k? if where can I
get it?

I am searching on google as well.


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