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Let's analyze your commandline:
/usr/local/bin/rsync -av --include=/usr/local/mysql/bin/listado_images.txt

archivemode, verbose, including the things listed in /usr/local/mysql/bin/listado_images.txt, list what is available in the 
module "mysql_prueba" from
Without excluding *, you're saying "include all the stuff in the file, and 
everything, too". 

Pattern users:  Does he also need to put the leading directories 
explicitly in the includelist?

Of course, as constructed, your command will only list items, not actually 
transfer (no destination specified).
Your patterns: "/datos/web/neweb/images/noticia41309_foto1N.jpg" - does that refer to 
"<path to the module>/datos/web/neweb/images/noticia41309_foto1N.jpg"?
What I mean is, let's say your rsyncd.conf on has a module defined like this
path = /mysql/prueba
and the file you want is /mysql/pruebadatos/web/neweb/images/noticia41309_foto1N.jpg
In that case, you've got it right.

You haven't specified exactly what the nature of the error is. 
If it is the fact that nothing is transferred, that make sense, because 
you're not asking for a transfer.
If it is the fact that you are getting more than specified in the include, 
it's because you are implicitely including everything by leaving out 
If it is a case of getting nothing at all, you may not have an active 
rsyncd on with a module "mysql_prueba".
I hope that covers the bases.  good luck.

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Estimated gurus.

I execute this sencente from a Server X to a Server Y

/usr/local/bin/rsync -av --include=/usr/local/mysql/bin/listado_images.txt

I'd like to rsync only files contained in  listado_images.txt  but I don't
get it.

Text of file listado_images.txt  is


I have attempt with

+ /datos/web/neweb/images/noticia41309_fotoLP.jpg
+ /datos/web/neweb/images/noticia41309_foto1N.jpg

But I don't get it.

Where is the problem ??

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