daemon-server via SSH (was Re: new rsync release needed soon?)

Wayne Davison wayned at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jul 31 17:59:02 EST 2002

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Dave Dykstra wrote:
> The patch that I'd most like to see get in JD Paul's patch for using
> SSH and daemon mode together.

I've completed my mods to get this updated to the latest CVS version and
then checked it all in.  Since things had changed quite a bit, I applied
the patch by hand and then compared my changes to the original patch to
ensure that I did a good job.

I did leave out one thing that I had a question about in main.c:  the
code that was looking for a -l option in the remote-shell command.  If
the user specifies a username in both the host-spec and in their ssh
command, do we really want to silently eliminate one of them?  Or should
we maybe complain and fail?  I think I might prefer to let the remote-
shell command run and let it complain about the two -l options (if
that's what it wants to do), but I could be convinced otherwise.

I've tested normal rsync operations to ensure that it is still working
right, but not daemon mode (which I don't normally use).  If someone
could help out with the testing, I'd appreciate it.


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