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Andrew:  You have set the UID to "nobody".  Rsync is not exempt from the 
unix security model.  If you want to be able to preserve UID/GID, you will 
have to use UID "root" (which will allow GID to be ignored). 
Yeah, that is a security issue, but less than if "nobody" were free of 
security restraints.

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Hi All,
           I recently installed Rsync to perform backup features - this 
includes backing up a /home dir and keeping ownerships/permissions 
intact is obviously very important....

However when I perform.
(current working path is /home)
rsync -azv --progress --stats * andrew at

and on the server side of things... I have it setup like so -

motd file = /etc/rsyncd.motd
log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log
pid file = /var/run/
lock file = /var/run/rsync.lock

   path = /usr/rsync/tmp
   comment = Temp
   uid = nobody
   gid = nobody
   read only = no
   list = yes
   auth users = andrew
   secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets

The permissions are kept well - but the owership isn't kept - instead it 
is set to nobody.nobody on the server - any ideas?

Many thanks - I know it is something small - but I am not sure what it is 

I am running a turbolinux 6.5 server system for reference.


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