rsync from Windows and Linux over ssh

S Peram perams27 at
Mon Jul 29 07:42:55 EST 2002

Hi All, 
I'm a newbie to RSYNC on Windows.
I installed RSYNC(version 2.5.1) on Windows and it is
running as a service on Windows 2000.
I've been trying to copy some files using RSYNC on
linux machine running RH Linux 7.2 kernel 2.4.7 from
Windows 2000 machines using the following command:
$rsync -avz -e ssh <windows-machine>:/rsync/* . 
but i'm getting the following error

"unexpected EOF in read_timeout".
I'm running Openssh 3.4p1
I tried to find info on the archives but they seem not
related to this specific problem.
I'd appreciate if any of you gurus help in this issue.


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