Configuring Rsync daemon with ssh (non-root)

smathur at smathur at
Sat Jul 27 13:17:01 EST 2002


I am a first time user of Rsync. I am having problems configuring an Rsync 
server on a Solaris server on which I have *no* root previliges. I have 
searched the archives and the web,but none of the articles/documents have 
proved helpful beyond an extent. 

Since I cannot be root, I have installed rsync v2.5.2 from sources in  
$HOME/rsync. The rsync binary is in $HOME/rsync/bin 

My rsyncd.conf file resides in $HOME/rsync/bin and contains 

#Rsync configuration file
pid file = $HOME/rsync/bin/
secrets file = $HOME/rsync/bin/rsyncd.secrets
motd file = /etc/motd
uid = smathur
gid = students
path = $HOME/scratch
auth users = smathur
list = yes 

As can be seen above, my pid file will be created in a directory in which I 
clearly have write previliges.My secrets file has the appropriate 
username:passwd format. 

My problems are: 

1) I don't know how to use ssh for my rsync connection. The Solaris server 
already has SSH server running , through which I log in all the time.
How do I piggyback on it? 

2) When I type
rsync --daemon -v --port=60051 --config=$HOME/rsync/bin/rsyncd.conf 

on the command prompt, I get no error messages,the command simply returns. 
netstat does not show port 60051 being used by anyone. Neither does the 
process listing (ps -au) show any rsync process. 

Any URLs or tips would be appreciated. 


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