Problems compiling on RH 5.2.

Mark G mark at
Thu Jul 25 14:02:02 EST 2002

Hello all,

I recently downloaded RSYNC 2.5.5 and had a problem compiling on a RedHat
5.2 i386 system (I know its old but my co-located machine is ancient and I
can't easily upgrade it).

Anyhow, I did:

  ./configure --prefix=/usr/services/rsync

And make fails because of the file lib/addrinfo.h not
defining things correctly. The configure script generated:

  #define HAVE_GETADDRINFO   1
  /* undef HAVE_GETADDRNAME */

Yet the way that works out I get undefined references to the NI_xxx
constants in lib/addrinfo.h. They aren't in the standard headers for RH

So I tried disabling HAVE_GETADDRINFO and then compiling all that stuff
since it looked like the RH 5.2 libraries had those functions but in an
incompatible way.

Then I got a ton of compile errors because stuff in lib/getaddrinfo.c
conflicted with the standard headers. I managed to patch it together so it
does work, including defining a number of symbols with alternate names at
appropriate spots to "fake out" the compiler and linker.

This probably needs to be fixed as the replacement approach to the C
library doesn't work right.

To probably compile somewhat portably, all of the #define's must be
preceeded with #undef's and all of the symbols should include a prefix
like rsync_ to avoid conflicts (including the structure tags).

Mark G.

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