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Salim Soormally salimwng at bow.intnet.mu
Fri Jul 19 04:31:03 EST 2002

Can you please help me with the problem i am having below.

Thank you

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My name is Salim Soormally.  I have downloaded rsync from your web site (
rsync-2.1.0-SCO3.2v4.2BIN.tar.gz ).  We are using SCO Unix Sys V - Release  I will describe the system more at the bottom of the email.

I have un-tared the program, performed the ./configure and make.  Everything
went successful.  I have even included it in the path.

However when using it, everytime i have obtaining the error message ;

Unix486.AWDOM: Unix486.AWDOM: cannot open
unexpected EOF in read_timeout

The commands rcp / rexecd / rlogin is working normally.

The command i used for rcp is;

root> rcp Unix486.AWDOM:/u/peg/IDA/pglog.dat /u/peg

The copy is made successfully.  I wanted to make use of rsync, because i
have noticed that it contains many many many intersting functions which rcp
does not have.  Could you please advise me what is going wrong in it ?

System Setup:

I have got 2 Unix servers ( same operating system as mentioned above ) ;

1. Machine 1 has got IP address and it's system name is
2. Machine 2 has got IP address and it's system name is

Machine 2 has been setup so that in case Machine 1 is down, we automatically
restore the data from tape and start the system.  However tape is always the
convenient isue, the reason why i wanted to schedule different intervals of
copying the data from Machine 1 to Machine 2.

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate.

Many thanks for your help,

Awaiting your prompt reply,

Thank you & best regards.

Email address ----> salimwng at bow.intnet.mu

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