Can any one help me out?...

maniezhilan maniezhilan at
Thu Jul 11 00:02:02 EST 2002

Dear all,

I am ne to rsync, and went through lot of sites and docs. Finally I am
putiing my queries here.
can any one help me out, to give a solution for me. I am using Redhat
7.2 , rsync-2.4.6-1, openssh-3.4p1-1.

My Problems:

1. I want to run rsync in server mode in one of the machine (rsync
--daemon). Whereas, I don't find
      the configuration files (rsyncd.conf, rsync.secerets,
When I try to find ps, no rsync process running.

2. How to configure ssh for auto authentication, as I want to run in
cron. I am not able to configure for auto login.

3. How to configure the rsync client.

Can any one help me out.

Thanks in Advance.

With Regards,

J.Mani Ezhilan.

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