strip setuid/setgid bits on backup (was Re: small security-related rsync extension)

Eric Horst erich at
Wed Jul 10 14:52:04 EST 2002

> That is something that I'm working on with my rZync application.  It
> implements a new protocol that can begin transferring files as soon as
> the first directory has been transferred and compared.  The program is
> not yet ready for someone with millions of files to test, though

Wayne, I looked at your rZync work last week and like the looks of it
quite a bit. I'm keeping an eye on your progress.

> > If rsync is ever rewritten work directory by directory (or whatever)
> > building small file lists instead of building the mega filelist then when
> > do you run the post-process script?  After each small batch of files?  Or
> > store up the disposition list till the end effectively building a huge
> > filelist again?
> My initial reaction is that it would be best to start a pipe to the
> application at the start of the transfer and incrementally put data into
> it as you go along.

That makes sense, just be cautious calling such a feature 'post-process'
to avoid confusion that it actually happens after rsync is completely


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