Rsync 2.4.6 error : transfer interrupted (code 12) at token.c(255)

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Tue Jul 9 16:20:01 EST 2002

I noticed that nobody has responded to you in 4 days, so:
2.4.6 had a lot of stuff to fix, hence the versions that followed.
You shouldn't have any trouble upgrading, unless you run the rsync daemon 
directly, rather than from inetd AND have no times where it is not being 
used, even for a few seconds, nor can you kill existing transfers and have 
them restarted.
The conf file format is unchanged.  Heck, I don't think there were even 
new items added, much less old ones deleted or changed.  Make your new 
binary, test it, rm or mv the existing one, copy the new one into the old 
one's place.  If you're running from inetd, you're done.  new transfers 
will use the new binary, old ones will use the old one until they exit. If 
you do rsyncd directly, rather than from inetd, you will keep using the 
old binary image (the file stays open by the daemon, new ones fork from 
the old memory image as needed) until you can kill the root rsyncd.
I'm not sure what happens to child rsyncds when you kill the daemon.  If 
they don't die, but go to completion, you just 'kill rsyncdpid ;rsync 
--daemon', so you have the daemon die that's running the old binary, and 
start a new daemon using the new binary, with near-zero downtime.  If you 
can just catch a deadtime on the rsyncd, when you know it's not being 
used, that's safest.
There's no need to reboot the server to change the rsync binary.

I don't know if the new version will solve your problem, but before 
wasting time trying to fix an in-memory binary, i'd go the the best 
currently known compatible version .

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I got the following error synchronising between to servers :
2002/07/04 20:58:39 [68722] transfer interrupted (code 12) at token.c(255)

Between other servers rsync is OK without any error. Is it a know bug ?
I can't easily upgrade rsync because it's running on a server running
24h/24h 7/7. So before upgrading I need elements to explain the problem
which occurs.

Thank's for your help

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