Rsync/FreeBSD/Macintosh Files...

Catalino Cuadrado ccuadrado at
Tue Jul 9 16:14:34 EST 2002

Macs are supported using need to have version 2.5.5, it's
distributed with RsyncX. You can grab a copy at
I've found it useful to copy from a local harddrive to another local hard
drive, but I haven't gotten it to work successfully to do a full system
reinstall over the netwrok. It does preserve resource forks and all that
stuff. If you're not sure what versyion you have just type "rsync
--version" without the quotes and you'll see something that should say
Rsync 2.5.5
HFS+ support by Kevin A. Boyd
and list the creators of the original software. This version will support
resource forks.

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> From: "brad" <blynch at>
> To: <rsync at>
> Subject: RSYNC/FreeBSD/Macintosh files...
> Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 10:41:03 -0500
> recently found out that rsync does not preserve resource forks, or creator
> types and maybe some other things. But, has anybody had any experience like
> this, would tar'ing the files and then rsync'ing that seem a worthwhile
> solution. There's a lot, so testing is going slowly. Thanks!

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