Log format

Charlot sur Prolectronic charlot at prolectronic.ch
Mon Jul 8 01:00:04 EST 2002


I give you a little log format sample that I receive on the
/var/log/rsyncd.log on the master server that receive data from
a client :

2002/07/07 19:48:29 [15226] rsync to cfps from UNKNOWN (
2002/07/07 20:17:42 [15257] wrote 32 bytes  read 1584410 bytes  total size

my problem : the ID task in the braket [] is not the same from the beginning
and the end of the transfert,
for control if the sync is good when we have difficult with few rsync task

any can say me how to obtain the same ID for all the task or wich can I
modify the log format on the rsync server ?

many thanks for your help

balet charles-henri

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