Rsync and Resource File Stripping on Mac OS X: Partially Successful

Kevin Alexander Boyd kboyd at
Wed Jul 3 13:54:01 EST 2002


Is the version of rsync on both local and remote machines the version that
supports HFS+?  And are both source and destination filesystems HFS+? This
is the only way for this version to work correctly.

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On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, Catalino Cuadrado wrote:

> Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 15:42:26 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Catalino Cuadrado <ccuadrado at>
> To: rsync at
> Cc: ccuadrado at
> Subject: Rsync and Resource File Stripping on Mac OS X: Partially
>     Successful
> Well, I finagled a system up that works with Mac OS X and Rsync, I
> configured it in teh following steps:
> SSH Authentication key logs in without a password to the host machine
> jarmusch.
> From the client machine, Cage, using the command
> ssh informat at address concealed to protect the innocent.)
> I get
> [jarmusch:~]
> Now that I'm logged into Jarmusch, I execute the following command
> [jarmusch:~]sudo rsync -aovve /usr/bin/ssh --progress
> /Volumes/PocketDrive19500/Backup/ root at
> It then goes through and transfers all the files, but doesn't use HFS+
> support and strips the resource forks from the file. I should see files
> coyping that end in .rsrc but none ever do. If anyone knows of a
> workaround for this, I would appreciate it greatly. I get rsync to work
> locally without stripping the resource forks..I'm using 2.5.5, the version
> included with RsyncX
> -Tito
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