I'm unsubscribing and here's why!

Paul Smith pausmith at nortelnetworks.com
Thu Jan 24 08:09:06 EST 2002

%% DNSAdmin <dnsadmin at 1bigthink.com> writes:

  d> While I found this group most informative nad helpful, I've found it
  d> extremely annoying that half of you are now emailing each other and
  d> CC'ing the List.

  d> I'm tired of receiving your emails in the wrong box and having to sort
  d> it or having to create 5 new filters for my email client per week.

Why don't you just filter on something _other_ than the recipient?

For example, all email from this list server seems to have this header:

  List-Id: Rsync user list <rsync.lists.samba.org>

Putting mail with this header into your rsync folder/inbox seems like it
would catch everything coming from the rsync listserver, regardless of
the contents of the To: and CC: lines.

Or, look at the headers for other, similar ones.  You don't _have_ to
use To: and Cc:.

Or, if you do, then it's time for a new email client... :)


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