Where can I download the latest and greatest rsync Win32 binary?

Carlos Gutierrez carlosg at sca.com.mx
Wed Jan 16 10:29:37 EST 2002

> > In case anybody needs it, here is a ZIP with rsync and cygwin dll.
> > http://www.sca.com.mx/ftp/rsync.2.5.1-2.zip
> *Sigh* Please don't do that.  You can't provide the cygwin dll without

Sorry, didn't know that. File deleted. Please accept my apologies.

> Also, Cygwin no longer requires a full installation.  You can now pick
> and choose what you want, so you can use Cygwin setup.exe to install
> *only* the Cygwin package and the rsync package.

Thanks, I think that clarifies this issue.

>The Cygwin setup.exe program does a few crucial things like define a
>mount table in the Windows Registry.  If you just downloaded and
>Since it works under Cygwin, why would one bother?

I thought since cygwin needs a more or less complicated setup, somebody
would find usefull to have a single exe native win32 version rsync, but now
that cygwin can be used to install a single package, I think this is

Thanks for your time.

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