problem with --delete if I sync part of a dir

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check this out:  "echo rsync -azv --stats -e ssh --delete i_* user at host:/dir/".
it expands to "sync -azv --stats -e ssh --delete <all existing i_* files> user at host:/dir/"  It won't mention the ones that are gone.
rsync the directory/. including i_* and excluding * (the order matters).
rsync -azv --stats -e ssh --delete ./. --include=i_* --exclude=* 
user at host:/dir/

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I'm using rsync for a couple of things but I am at a point where I could 
not find a solution for my problem.

this is what I want to do:

rsync only the files i_* from a directory from machine A to machine Bi and 
delete them from machine B if they on longer exist on machine A.

so I use the command:

rsync -azv --stats -e ssh --delete i_* user at host:/dir/

When using this command the files starting with i_ will get placed on the 
remote server or even updated when I change them but if I delete a file on 
machine A it will not be deleted on machine B.
This is only a problem if I use i_* as my source.  If i sync whole 
directories (recursive or not) it's no problem at all to get files deleted 
on the other end.

Is there anything to do about this ?


Pepijn Palmans

Kangaroot Linux Solutions
Grote Steenweg 91
2600 Berchem, Antwerpen, Belgium
Email: pepijn at

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