Where can I download the latest and greatest rsync Win32 binary?

David Starks-Browning starksb at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jan 16 09:29:51 EST 2002

On Tuesday 15 Jan 02, tim.conway at philips.com writes:
> From www.cygwin.com (did you even look there?). 
> ftp://mirrors.rcn.net/pub/sourceware/cygwin/contrib/rsync/rsync-2.5.1-2.tar.bz2


It's best not to provide a specific cygwin package URL like that.  If
anyone wants to download the Cygwin version of rsync, they should just
visit <http://cygwin.com/> (like you said) and use the Cygwin-supplied
setup.exe to install Cygwin and rsync.  One will probably have to
explicitly enable the rsync package installation, because I don't
think it comes by default.

The Cygwin setup.exe program does a few crucial things like define a
mount table in the Windows Registry.  If you just downloaded and
unpacked the bz2 file, without installing Cygwin with setup.exe, I
don't think rsync would work.

In response to Carlos' 2nd question: I've been watching this list for
over a year and I've never seen a non-Cygwin Windows port of rsync
advertised.  Since it works under Cygwin, why would one bother?

(Cygwin FAQ maintainer)

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> 01/14/2002 11:26 AM
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> Is there a site doing current builds of Win32 binaries?
> Also, is there any project working in a non cygwin port of rsync?
> Thanks!

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