File over 2GB using Cygwin

David Bolen db3l at
Fri Feb 22 09:31:45 EST 2002

Craig Donnelly [Craig at] writes:

> I am trying to rsync a file of 10gb between an NT host running Cygwin 4.10
> and a Solaris 8 host running rsync 2.5.1 but am having problems with what
> appears to be a 2gb file limit - the truncation point occurs at 2096111616
> bytes. The target filesystem definately supports files over 2GB.
> Any ideas how to overcome this limitation?

I'm pretty sure Cygwin itself has a 2GB (32-bit) limitation for files.
Large file (64-bit) support for Cygwin has come up in various ways
repeatedly on the Cygwin mailing list but it generally ends up at the point
where if someone is asking for it, the suggestion is that they implement it

So I don't think there's any practical workaround with Cygwin.

-- David

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