[path] & module options with SSH

Daniel Ouellet daniel at presscom.net
Thu Feb 7 13:19:31 EST 2002

Many thanks Dave!

I very much appreciate you taking the time to answer ALL my questions!

It was very instructive and helpful to me!

I have to say, two days ago, I never eared of rsync and today, I honestly
can't say how useful it is to me!

I guess someone doesn't know how much they miss something until they find

I was doing (or more correctly, trying to...) a lots of this stuff with
plenty of others script and it wasn't near as efficient and clean as this
solution is for me! Not even close!!!

By reading archive emails I realize you must be very busy with this project
and many others, so it make me even more appreciate you taking the time to
help me out with my questions and quest on understand this!

This is a GREAT tools!


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