Limit consumption of space on destination?

Anonymous Anonymous at Example.COM
Sun Feb 3 12:36:23 EST 2002


> You don't like partitions ... OK ! Have a look at LVM (Logical Volume
> Management). With LVM you are able to resize a Logical Volume without
> backup and restore. LVM and Howto are available at
> .

> One big partition is rather unflexible. So I recommend using LVM. You
> can only fill up one Logical Volume, not the whole root-Filesystem ...
> I think you only want to sync User-Data, not the system, so LVM could
> be one solution for you.

Thank you!  You're right, I want to sync user data and LVM looks
awesome; just what I need!

Now if only Red Hat would create a root LVM partition during
installation... but you can't have everything, otherwise Linux wouldn't
be as much fun as it is.  :)

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